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About Us

LC  Pearl inventory is a young, modern and professional inventory company with a dedicated team that offers a friendly, personal service-led approach, we are a team on a mission to make our clients lives as easy as possible. We offer residential Inventories, Check-ins, Check-outs, Mid-Term Inspections and Legionella checks. 


The founder, Liana, has worked within the property industry for over 10 years, with knowledge in all that is lettings, move in's, outs and all in-between. She is the go to that is all lettings! We understand the needs of Agents, Landlords and Tenants. A well as any scenario that can arise when letting a property and at the end of the tenancy. 


We don't believe you need to pay high prices for quality. LC Pearl offers affordable prices with high quality reports and a personal, friendly touch. We pride ourselves in having a flexible and friendly approach.

Our reports are accurate and easy to read with highly detailed reporting with high resolution pictures. We offer 360 virtual views and video reporting as well as written reports. We will always aim for a quick turnaround and have reports sent back within 48 hours. We dedicate our flexible times to accommodate, Agents, Landlords and Tenants. We will always aim to facilitate last minute bookings and be flexible outside of working hours, which makes us more flexible and accommodating to last minute changes.



The clerk will inspect the property a few hours before the tenant arrives and note down the condition of the property. Meter readings will be taken. A detail report will then be sent to all parties 48 hours later. We can offer 360 virtual views, high res photos and video reporting as well as detailed written reports.

Mid Term Inspection / Interim Report

These inspections can be done every 6 months or before a renewal is agreed. The purpose is to give the landlord or the agent an idea as to whether the property is being well treated or neglected mid tenancy. The clerk will inspect the property in detail with the inventory at hand and make any notes if any of the current condition.  


We certify the condition of the property and ensure a smooth welcoming to tenants into their new homes.  We accomadate the inventory and Check in at the same day.

Legionella Flushing

Flushed water carries away waterborne Legionella and dislodges biofilm lining the inside of the pipes and fittings, which harbours Legionella. We flush all water units for a minimum of 2 minutes. 


At the end of the tenancy the property and the contents are carefully checked and compared to the ones recorded on the inventory when moved in. The clerk will take a final meter reading and list keys returned by the tenant. After the inspection the clerk will prepare a comparison report. Any changes, damages, missing items, maintenance or cleaning issues are listed with photos. 

Right to Rent

As of 2016, legal requirement states, that landlords/agents  are to determine the immigration status of all prospective adult tenants by checking ID before the start of a tenancy. 


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